Matt Bachmann: "Wave Hello" stream & Walking Preference CS pre-order Posted 12 Apr 2019

On May 10, Orindal Records will release Walking Preference, an album of new age instrumental music by Matt Bachmann (Mega Bog, Hand Habits, Big Eater). Brooklyn Vegan premiered the lead-off track, "Wave Hello," which you can listen to above.

Walking Preference expands on the sound vs song work explored on previous Bachmann solo releases, like 2018's Unconditonal Love & earlier ambient experiments. Recorded almost entirely on a Roland JX-3P, a Yamaha digital piano & a D.I. guitar, Walking Preference inhabits an animated universe inspired by Miyazaki films & Nintendo fantasies — a world both natural & unreal. Air & space have been carefully manufactured. The playful drones & compositions within are full of bubbles and sharp turns while still adhering to the core tenants of Bachmann’s sound— that of beauty & space. Bachmann’s music is more sky than earth. Walking Preference zooms out.

Walking Preference is the second tape in Orindal's ongoing series of instrumental "Unguided Meditation Tapes" following Robert Stillman's Portals.

Pre-order Walking Preference on cassette or download HERE.

Matt Bachmann will perform as part of an Orindal showcase on June 30 in Brooklyn, NY, sharing the bill with Advance Base, Moon Racer & Claire Cronin. You'll find tickets & more info on the tour date page.

Lisa/Liza music video: "The Matador Pt. 2" Posted 11 Apr 2019

This morning, GoldFlakePaint premiered the official music video for "The Matador Pt. 2" from Lisa/Liza's 2018 album, Momentary Glance. The video was shot, directed & edited by Orindal's own Karima Walker.

Karima Walker describes the video:

The greenhouses where we shot are owned by a world renowned botanist based just outside Tucson. They're a little island, surrounded by Sonoran desert. It's two acres of succulents and orchids from all around the world. They're a threshold, bringing the larger world within reach, on an intimate scale.

The orchid house, especially, is warmer, fuller, packed with airplants and beautiful flowers. Kind of junglelike, but not claustrophobic because every time your eyes move over the space, they're pulled into these bright gorgeous colors and forms all hypnotizing you into their tiny universes. I feel Liza's songs do something very similar, bringing the sublime and the very intimate together with beauty and tenderness and patience

There's a rich and resounding interiority to her songs that unfurls into these larger and larger arrangements. It's so seamless, and I suddenly find myself somewhere else when the song is over. I get pulled in and lose track of time. They're magical in that way and I wanted to make the video feel magical too, a warmth and light emanating from all the little signs of life around her as she moved through the space. I wanted her to be woven into it, for that magic to be contingent upon her initiation, and so I decided to make a sequence where the flowers and plants would glow when she touched them.

The song takes off at the end, and I wanted the imagery to too, where a kind of collage of the essence of all these forms would transition into a completely new space. So I used footage from one of my favorite drives on tour while Liza and Owen Ashworth and I were playing a few shows together in the west. We drove up from Albuquerque into Denver, passing though essentially a seven hour transition zone from desert into a huge mountain valley. It takes all day, and cell service is bad and there's no where to stop and you watch these super wide mountain ranges slowly creep in closer and closer until you wind right through them to drop down into Denver. I layered, with hand held video, stretches of these mountains over each other, so they'd move and shake, becoming object-like while still maintaining their scale as the song opens out into saturated layers of loops and distortion.

Gia Margaret music video: "Birthday" Posted 10 Apr 2019

This morning, Gorilla Vs. Bear premiered the official music video for "Birthday" by Gia Margaret. The video was created by everybody's baby, & features Gia being haunted by inanimate objects.

"Birthday" is taken from Gia Margaret's 2018 debut album, There's Always Glimmer (released July 27, 2018 on Orindal Records). UK label Dalliance Records will re-release There's Always Glimmer for UK/EU on May 24, 2019, & Gia will be touring overseas in support of the re-release. You'll find all of her upcoming tour dates HERE.

Select Orindal titles now available via Mississippi Records Posted 01 Apr 2019

Select titles from the Orindal catalog are now available to record stores & customers alike through Mississippi Records' new website, mississippirecords.net. We're thrilled to be partnering with Mississippi Records, who will be adding more Orindal titles to their distro in the coming months.

As always, the entire Orindal catalog is available to record stores through The Business's mighty distribution network: thebusinessanacortes.com/distro/

Robert Stillman music video: "All Are Welcome" Posted 13 Mar 2019

This morning, Clash Magazine premiered Robert Stillman's delightfully surreal music video for "All Are Welcome," directed by Benjamin Rowley!

Mirroring the solo recording technique that Robert Stillman deployed to record "All Are Welcome" (& every other track on his new album, Reality), the video layers multiple Roberts over himself as he performs saxophones, piano & drums in a psychedelic collage.

Clash Magazine writer Robin Murray called the video "dazzling... with the arresting effects having a pleasingly DIY quality." Read the full piece HERE.

Reality is available on black vinyl, opaque natural vinyl, compact disc & digital formats HERE.

Robert Stillman will play a launch show for Reality in London, England on Sunday, March 17 at The Vortex. Tickets are available HERE.

ROBERT STILLMAN: "What I Owe" premiere & Reality LP/CD pre-order Posted 29 Jan 2019

Reality, the new album from Maine-born, UK-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Stillman, will be released by Orindal Records on February 22, 2019. Reality is an album of home-recorded, spiritual jazz meditations, colored by a bright palette of saxophones, clarinets, pianos, harps, drums & percussion, & composed, performed & engineered entirely by Stillman.

This morning, Post-Trash premiered the first preview track, "What I Owe." Writer Colin Vallee describes it as "the hero’s journey made audible; conflict and resolution in a delightful two act play; a spirited take on structure that wants to push you away as desperately as it wants your attention."

You can listen to "What I Owe" & pre-order Reality on CD, vinyl, CD+vinyl bundle or digital formats HERE.

EU/UK buyers can order direct from Robert at reduced shipping rates: https://archaicfuturerecordings.bandcamp.com/album...

Gia Margaret- There's Always Glimmer vinyl re-press Posted 17 Jan 2019

The second vinyl pressing of There's Always Glimmer by Gia Margaret is in stock & ready to ship! This new edition of GoldFlakePaint's favorite album of 2018 is pressed on beautiful Coke bottle clear vinyl, & limited to 400 copies. The vinyl is packaged in a full color, extra heavyweight photo jacket with a Risograph-printed lyric sheet, & comes with an instant digital download of the entire album. It's one of Orindal's most popular releases to date!


Lisa/Liza- Momentary Glance deluxe bundles Posted 15 Jan 2019

We still have a few remaining copies of the LISA/LIZA- Momentary Glance deluxe bundle featuring exclusive edition blue vinyl, a printed innersleeve w/ handwritten album lyrics, an 11x17 poster (featuring Kyle Field's original album art), The Morning Light of When bonus tape (w/ 4 non-LP tracks) & a Gentle Weirdos Orindal label sampler CD, all for $24!